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Dear Mr. Wolff: I know you aren’t the big­gest fan of Key-card Black­wood, but if you ask for key-cards, then for the trump queen, what re­sponses should you use to that sec­ond ask? — Pri­vate Eye, San Luis Obispo, Calif. AN­SWER: Use a sig­noff in the trump suit as deny­ing the trump queen. Other calls show it, and you cue­bid a side-suit king if you can, or jump in the trump suit if you can­not. Dear Mr. Wolff: I opened one di­a­mond with this hand: SPADES A Q 3, HEARTS10 5 32, DIAMONDSA Q 7 4, CLUBSQ 3. I raised the one-spade re­sponse to two (do you agree?), and then heard­my­part­ner bid three clubs. What should I have done next? — Bell, Book and Can­dle, Sitka, Alaska AN­SWER: Yes, I would raise to two spades. At your third turn, you do have amax­i­mum, but it is not clear where you be­long. A tem­po­riz­ing call of three hearts may get you to three no-trump, if that is ap­pro­pri­ate. If your part­ner bids three spades, you will have to de­cide whether to ad­vance, and if so, how. I think a de­layed three-no-trump call would be rea­son­able. Dear Mr. Wolff: Please ex­plain what Check­back Stay­man means af­ter opener has re­bid one no-trump. DoI un­der­stand cor­rectly that the se­quence one di­a­mond - one heart - one no- trump - twoclubs is not nat­u­ral? Isn’t there also amethod called Twoway Check­back? — In­quir­ing Minds, Pottsville, Pa. AN­SWER: When opener re­bids one no-trump, his de­gree of sup­port for his part­ner and length in an un­bid ma­jor are of­ten still unde ined. So re­spon­der has a Stay­man-like re­lay (New Mi­nor) at the twolevel. This prom­ises val­ues and is search­ing for three­card trump sup­port or length in an un­bid ma­jor. Two-way New-Mi­nor uses two clubs as a pup­pet to two di­a­monds, to play there or in­vite game some­where, while two di­a­monds is a game-forc­ing re­lay. Dist. by An­drews McMeel for UFS

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