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Dear Mr. Wolff: Hold­ing SPADES A J 2, HEARTS K 9 6, DI­A­MONDS Q 10 7 4, CLUBS 10 63, I de­cided to raisemy part­ner’s one-spade opener to two (sug­gest­ing 7 10 in our style, aswe play forc­ing notrump). Doyou agree? Aftermy­part­ner tries for game with a call of three clubs, what do you rec­om­mend? — King Cre­ole, Selma, Ala.

AN­SWER: I like the simple raise. Now you can as­sume your part­ner has made a game-try sug­gest­ing three or four clubs in a suit where he needs help. Your club suit is as bad as it could be, but you have amax­i­mum hand in high cards and de­cent spot cards. Maybe you could try three no-trump to sug­gest these val­ues and let part­ner de­cide what to do next.

Dear Mr. Wolff: If you open aminor suit and your part­ner re­sponds with one no-trump, are you al­lowed to in­vite to two no-trump with a good 16-count, or do you have to pass? What is the min­i­mum you need to bid two no-trump, or even three no-trump? — Simple Si­mon, Vero Beach, Fla.

AN­SWER: A jump to three no-trump sug­gests either a 19-count or a run­ning mi­nor and no short­age. With an un­bal­anced 16 17 or a bal­anced 18, you can raise to two no-trump in­stead. You may be sin­gle-suited or have a 5 4 shape with a sec­ond suit you no longer feel like you need to in­tro­duce.

AN­SWER: You can jump to ive di­a­monds, forti ied by the knowl­edge that part­ner could have pre­empted to two di­a­monds but chose to do more. Af­ter a club pre-empt, you would not have as much con idence. Make them guess!

Dear Mr. Wolff: Iwas in third seat with SPADES 9 2, HEARTSK Q 6 43, DIAMONDSA 7 4, CLUBS 10 3 2, play­ing teams, and I heardmy part­ner open three di­a­monds at fa­vor­able vul­ner­a­bil­ity. What is the right tac­ti­cal ap­proach in sit­u­a­tions like this, play­ing with a rel­a­tively ag­gres­sive pre-empter? — Movers and Shak­ers, River­side, Calif.

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