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Dear Mr. Wolff: I read a re­cent let­ter in your column talk­ing about strong raises avail­able to opener when he has four-card sup­port for re­spon­der’s ma­jor. Other than the jump raises, what ac­tions might you con­sider? — Wait­ing for Godot, Dodge City, Kan.

AN­SWER: A jump to the three-level sug­gests the equiv­a­lent of an un­bal­anced 15 17 high-card points; a jump to four sug­gests a bal­anced 18 19. With an un­bal­anced strong hand, a dou­ble jump in a new suit shows short­age in that suit and four-card sup­port for part­ner. Oc­ca­sion­ally but rarely, you can jump-shift, then jump in sup­port of part­ner to show a re­ally pow­er­ful three-suiter. Dear Mr. Wolff: How often is it a crit­i­cal mis­take to cash an ace against a slam, as op­posed to that be­ing the nec­es­sary de­fense? And when, if ever, do you con­sider lead­ing an un­sup­ported ace in a suit that hasn’t been bid and sup­ported, or bid by your part­ner? — Best Foot For­ward, Mid­land, Mich.

AN­SWER: I tend not to lead an ace against any con­tract un­less the auc­tion sounds so strong that I imag­ine my tricks may go away. The stronger my op­po­nent’s se­quence, the more likely it is that I will lead an ace. Try­ing to give part­ner a ruff in your long bid suit by lead­ing the ace and an­other is often also a plau­si­ble de­fense. Dear Mr. Wolff: As re­spon­der to an open­ing bid of one di­a­mond, is my call of four clubs ask­ing for aces? If not, what does it show? — Ger­ber Baby, Dal­las, Texas

AN­SWER: Four clubs should rarely be played as ace-ask­ing, other than in re­sponse to a one- or two-no-trump open­ing or re­bid. But specif­i­cally in re­sponse to a pre-empt, you can play four clubs as some form of ace ask. And af­ter Stay­man inds ama­jor-suit, you can op­tion­ally use four clubs as ace-ask­ing. In al­most ev­ery other in­stance, the jump shows short­ness and agrees part­ner’s suit, as in your ex­am­ple.

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