Quite a dis­play of chutz­pah from Miller

The Charlotte Observer (Sunday) - - Opinion -

In re­sponse to De­siree Za­p­ata Miller’s op-ed “More Demo­cratic shenani­gans in the 9th,”

( March 23), I would like to say that it takes a load of chutz­pah, audacity, nerve, gall –call it what you will – to ac­cuse the Democrats of try­ing to af­fect the out­come of the elec­toral process in the 9th District af­ter the Repub­li­cans have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and crumbs all over their faces, which has led to a new election.

Have you no shame?

– C.G. Kil­burn, Mon­roe

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