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Dear Mr. Wolff: Re­cently, you of­fered up as opener this hand: SPADESQ J6 2, HEARTS5 2, DIAMONDSA Q 10 87 4, CLUBS 6. You in­di­cated that th­ese spades were too good for a di­a­mond pre­empt; but if you won’t pre­empt, what will you do? — Edi­son Light­house, Mi­ami, Fla.

AN­SWER: I would pass and as­sume some­one would open, then I would hope to ind spades or settle in di­a­monds. I would not open one di­a­mond, how­ever; this hand just isn’t worth that ac­tion. Make the spade queen the 10, and I’d be much more tempted to pre­empt.

Dear Mr. Wolff: At a re­cent na­tion­als, I played in a re­gional pairs game and held SPADES K 3, HEARTS A, DIAMONDSK J 2, CLUBS K Q 9 7 4 3 2. I opened one club and heard two di­a­monds on the left, two spades from my­part­ner. What would you do next, as­sum­ing a re­bid of three clubs is not forc­ing? — Ex­plorer’s Club, Ne­wark, N.J.

AN­SWER: You can­not afford to jump to four clubs by pass­ing three no-trump, but bid­ding no-trump your­self may be pre­ma­ture. All that seems to leave is a cue-bid, but a delayed three no-trump call over a heart bid from your part­ner might be the best you can do.

Dear Mr. Wolff: Some of the bridge books I have read, and even some of the play­ers in myrub­ber game, set 13 HCPas the min­i­mum for an open­ing. Twelve HCPare ac­cept­able only with signi icant extra shape. Doyou be­lieve all 12-point hands qual­ify for an open­ing bid? — Dan­ger­ous Dan, St. John’s, New­found­land

AN­SWER: A 12-count with a ive-card suit or two four-card suits will nor­mally qual­ify as an open­ing. It is log­i­cal for the min­i­mum re­bid in no-trump to show 12 14 in the con­text of your one no-trump open­ing promis­ing 15 17. If you still play a 16 18 no-trump, you might play your re­bid to be 13 15. But since bid­ding is fun, I sug­gest you live a lit­tle.

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