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Kend this summer series, Nightfall ll on consecutiv­e days


Pines magazine in Arizona stumbled upon the group’s EP when he had a typo in his search for “happy hits.”

The writer listened to the song “While You Fade Away,” and came away impressed. He shared the song with a friend at Spotify, who added it to the site’s Fresh Finds playlist. Off at college, Langman saw the streams for the song jump from 1,000 to 39,000 almost overnight. From there, the song went viral, and streams grew to more than 100,000.

Langman and Monteith soon put college on hold, and along with Davis, decided to give The Happy Fits their full attention.

Last June, The Happy Fits released a full-length album, “Concentrat­e.” It shows considerab­le developmen­t since “Awfully Appealing.” The creativity and quality of “Concentrat­e” is especially impressive given the brief history of The Happy Fits. (In fact, the band was still booking its own shows until last fall, when the group hired a booking agent.)

Langman, Monteith and Davis have been working on a second album, and fans might hear a new song or two in the band’s Aug. 23 Nightfall show. But Langman didn’t want to get too specific about the group’s set list because the band will try to adapt the show to suit its audience on any given night.

“We like throwing in a new song here and there,” he said. “Our managers don’t like it when we play new songs and stuff because they think the fans just come to hear stuff they know. But we know that fans, deep down, want to hear some new stuff sometimes. So we’ll be playing mostly things off ‘Concentrat­e.’ There are some songs off of our first EP that are still doing well. But yeah, sometimes if we feel the crowd’s not into it, we’ll change it up, play a little bit heavier or we’ll play more acoustic songs, depending on what everyone’s vibe is at the time.”

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