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Late Night Laughs: Current events


Seth Meyers’ favorite jokes of the week (Aug. 12):

› Former Vice President Joe Biden apologized this weekend after misspeakin­g at an event and saying, “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Adding, “Sorry, that came out gay.”

› Authoritie­s in South Carolina have dropped drug charges against a college football player after a test proved that a white substance on the hood of his car was bird poop, not cocaine, though I can understand their suspicion, because everyone knows the best place to hide cocaine is on the hood of your car.

› The New York Times is reporting that former Vice President Joe Biden is trying to reduce his number of gaffs by using a teleprompt­er for speeches. Unfortunat­ely, he’s already been caught on camera massaging it.

› Former Colorado governor John Hickenloop­er announced today he is dropping out of the presidenti­al race and released a three-minute video thanking his supporters — by name.

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