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Late Night Laughs: #ChristmasF­ail


From 2014, viewer responses to Jimmy Fallon’s request to the Twitter-verse for Christmas fails.

› From vitaminpea: After our Christmas tree fell over for the sixth time, my dad decided to leave it down and just lay the presents around it.

› From amy_kathryn: After opening presents my sister walked up to my parents and said, “I’m not complainin­g; I’m just asking: Is this it?”

› From kegrun: I heard Santa in the living room. Mom stopped me from going to see him by telling me he’d throw salt in my eyes and blind me.

› From RyanCallah­anAPa: My dad gave us a Foosball table and accidental­ly put all the players facing the same way and told us they were one big team.

› From moran_mandy: One year my brother secretly spiked the eggnog, and my grandma drunkenly admitted she had a crush on the mailman.

› From nickyreaa: Last year my dad had me wrap a coffee maker for my mom, and my mom had me wrap a coffee maker for my dad. I said nothing.

› From AmyVeee: I was chewing gum while I was sitting on Santa’s lap. Santa said, “Quit chewing your gum like a cow.” › From hargagrace: Last year, I got an Italy calendar and said, “OMG, are we going to Italy?!?” And my parents said, “No, it’s just a calendar.”

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