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Silver Slippers cast ‘Ring the Bell’

- BY SUSAN PIERCE STAFF WRITER Compiled by Susan Pierce.

Silver Slippers Dance Academy will present a performanc­e of “Ring the Bell!” on Saturday afternoon at Bradley Central High School in Cleveland, Tennessee.

“This is our first stage play that includes acting, singing and dancing,” says Dee Gladden, creative director of the academy. “There are dances in every scene.”

The play revolves around Gina Serrano, a student from the Eastside district, dealing with severe anxiety when she learns that her school will close and she will have to attend a new collegiate school in the Northside district.

With all the rumors she’s heard about students at the new school, she is sure to ruffle a few feathers when she wants to fit in, but still play by her own rules.

Rachel is a student from the Northside and leader of the

A scene from “Ring the Bell!”

infamous Glam Squad, who is determined to show the Eastside students who’s boss and leader of the Northside Warriors. The Glam Squad girls are Northside’s elite, with privileges that even the teachers can’t control.

But when Gina and Rachel let down their barriers, they risk losing their standing with their own crews to try to fit in. “Ring the Bell!” is a journey of acceptance and inclusiven­ess with nonstop entertainm­ent from start to finish.

In the lead roles are Patience Collier as Gina and Taiyana Parks as Rachel. Patience, 12, is a student at Loftis Middle School. Taiyana is a sophomore at Tyner Academy. They are part of a cast of 26 youth.

Tickets are $10. For tickets, call 423-991-7760.


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