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Late Night Laughs: Hashtags


Winning submission­s for “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter request to “#AddAWordRu­inATVShow.”

› “Saved by the Taco Bell” (atarikari)

› “Full Outhouse” (janjanette)

› “The Mickey Mouse Fight Club” (WutzzelBun­s)

› “This Is Us, Unfortunat­ely”


› “Sex and the City Council” (TheEmmys)

› “Doctor Who Cares” (Slfriend79)

› “Little Trap House on the Prairie” (Jmast98)

› “Tom and Jerry Seinfeld” (TheLapinat­or)

› “M*A*S*H P*O*T*A*T*O” (stpeteyont­weety)


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