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Jim Breuer ready to ‘crush’ Walker show If you go


Comedian Jim Breuer has a simple explanatio­n for why he’s had to extend his “Live and Let Laugh” tour and why people should come out and see it at the Walker Theatre on March 7.

“I’m crushing it. I’m killing. Every night.”

He also said that for folks who only know him for his bits on “Saturday Night Live,” where he was a cast member from 1995-1998, or his starring role in “Half Baked,” his stand-up show is where he shines. He says that several people have seen this particular show seven or eight times — in part, because no two shows are alike, but also because he delivers laughs.

“I think my fan base trusts everything I’m putting out there. I’m not political. I give you a solid hour and a half of good-feeling, belly-laughing, crush-the-temple solid comedy. I deliver every night everywhere I go.

“And every show is a little different. Standup has always been my greatest strength. A lot of teenagers are coming and people are bringing their families. I’m not vulgar, but I’m not Disney either.”

For Breuer, the idea is to make people laugh, and perhaps leave the outside world …. well, outside.

“It’s like hanging out in the backyard with friends and family.”

He said he doesn’t feel like it is his place in the world to tell people how they should feel about a › What:

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› For more informatio­n: › Where: SkyZoo, 5709 Lee Highway › When: 8:30 p.m. Saturday, March 7 › Admission: Free

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“When I go out there, I am very aware that my opinion is not to be forced on anyone else. I’m not smarter than anyone, but we all get it from the same place.”

Plus, talking politics just makes people uptight and angry. Laughing is better, in his opinion.

When Breuer does want to express an opinion, or just talk, he does so on “The Jim Breuer Podcast.”

“I love it. You get to know me a little more. I feel when people get to know you a little more, they become more comfortabl­e. When people say, ‘I love your podcast,’ I already know they are someone I’d like to hang out with.”

He said doing the podcast does provide him with some comedic material, but it has also provided a different outlet for his creative self.

“Now I want to up the ante. Start having a little more fun with it. Start filming it.”

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