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Cheese and Girl Scout Cookie Pairing Class


The problem with Girl Scout cookies is that no matter how many you eat, you always want “Samoa.”

That’s why so many freezers are packed with multiple boxes of the Scouts’ treats this time of year — perhaps more than you know what to do with.

Jesse Watlington, owner of Bleu Fox Cheese Shop, and Chris Babb, Bleu Fox cheesemong­er, might have the solution.

They are leading a Cheese and Girl Scout Cookie Pairing class tonight, March 19, at the cheese shop on East Main Street. They’ll show some new, inventive ways to serve Girl Scout cookies for entertaini­ng guests. And with kids home from school at least three more weeks, repeating what’s taught in the class to your children could be a fun, even educationa­l, way to pass some time.

“This will be our third Cheese and Girl Scout

Cookie Pairing, and it’s one of our more popular events we do,” says Watlington. “The pairings we use change every year. We always select whatever new, cool cheeses we have and pair them with a selection of Girl Scout cookies.”

For example, Babb says one of last year’s pairings was Tagalongs with triple creme brie cheese.

Watlington says public safety is a great concern, and if (tonight’s class) needs to be postponed or canceled they will do so. Only a small number will be able to register for the class, and the cheese/cookie pairings will be prepared and plated before guests arrive. As of press time, the event was still scheduled.

Each guest will receive a small plate of cheese and cookie pairings to sample along with a handout that explains why the cheesemong­ers paired the two and why their flavors are complement­ary.

Watlington adds that they will have a Girl Scout at tonight’s event selling cookies so that guests may purchase the cheeses and cookies they enjoy most to repeat the pairing at home.

The $25 ticket does not include a beverage, but there will be soft drinks, local and regional beers, ciders and sparkling beverages for sale. No wine will be available.

“Girl Scout cookies are nostalgic for a large part of the population, and having the two together is enticing to people,” says Watlington.

“But we are educating them on how certain flavor profiles can go together, and they should be armed with the knowledge to do it at home when they leave the class. It’s just a good time, a good way to learn.”

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