Hy­dro­gen Perox­ide Can Heal WHAT?

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Hy­dro­gen perox­ide is trusted by ev­ery hos­pi­tal and emer­gency room in the coun­try for its abil­ity to kill deadly germs like E. coli and the swine flu virus. In fact, it has at­tracted so much in­ter­est from doctors that over 6000 ar­ti­cles about it have ap­peared in sci­en­tific pub­li­ca­tions around the world.

Re­search has dis­cov­ered that hy­dro­gen perox­ide en­ables your im­mune sys­tem to func­tion prop­erly and fight in­fec­tion and dis­ease. Doctors HAVE FOUND IT CAN SHRINK TUMORS AND

treat al­ler­gies, Alzheimer’s, asthma, clogged ar­ter­ies, di­a­betes, di­ges­tive prob­lems and mi­graines.

Smart con­sumers na­tion­wide are also dis­cov­er­ing there are hun­dreds of health cures and home rem­edy uses FOR HY­DRO­GEN PEROX­IDE ! NEW BOOK called The Magic of Hy­dro­gen Perox­ide is now avail­able that tells you ex­actly how to use hy­dro­gen perox­ide by it self... and mixed with sim­ple ev­ery­day KITCHEN ITEMS TO MAKE LINIMENTS RUBS LO­TIONS SOAKS AND TONICS THAT treat a wide va­ri­ety of ail­ments.

It con­tains tested and proven health cures that do ev­ery­thing from re­liev­ing chronic pain TO MAK­ING age

spots go away. You’ll be amazed to see how a lit­tle hy­dro­gen perox­ide MIXED WITH OR­DI­NARY KITCHEN ITEMS CAN s 2ELIEVE ARTHRI­TIS RHEUMATISM fi­bromyal­gia s 4reat ath­lete s foot foot and nail fun­gus s #lear up al­ler­gies and si­nus prob­lems s 3oothe sore throats, fight colds and flu s (elp heal boils and skin in­fec­tions s 7hiten teeth with­out spend­ing a for­tune s $es­troy den­tal bac­te­ria and heal gin­givi­tis s (elp heal cold sores canker sores s 2elieve in­sect bites and stings s 3oothe sore feet soothe mus­cle aches s (elp mi­nor wounds and cuts heal faster s #lear up acne, rashes and yeast in­fec­tions the magic of hy­dro­gen perox­ide also shows you how to make money sav­ing house­hold clean­ers that: s +ill germs on kitchen sur­faces and uten­sils s -ake a pow­er­ful scour­ing pow­der that works won­ders on sinks, re­frig­er­a­tors and ovens s $isin­fect cof­fee mak­ers tea pots and blenders s 3an­i­tize wood cut­ting boards and spoons s -ake wood floors, grout and linoleum gleam s +ill bac­te­ria on fruits veg­eta­bles and meats s #lean toi­lets tubs show­ers s #lean and dis­in­fect pet stains s 2emove mold and mildew s 2emove wine ink and blood stains s "oost laun­dry de­ter­gents s #lean win­dows mir­rors s 2id pets of par­a­sites s -ake plants flour­ish


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