Wal­ter Scott Asks Dolly Par­ton

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The coun­try mu­sic icon, 72, has writ­ten six new songs for the sound­track of the Net­flix movie Dumplin’ (stream­ing Dec. 7). It’s about the plus-size Wil­lowdean (Danielle Macdon­ald), who finds in­spir­ing mes­sages in the mu­sic and say­ings of her idol, Dolly Par­ton. Wil­lowdean’s mother, a for­mer beauty queen, is played by Jen­nifer Anis­ton. In Dumplin’, you are held up as an icon—which you cer­tainly are to your fans. Do you feel a re­spon­si­bil­ity as a re­sult? I do. I try to be an ex­am­ple. It’s a big re­spon­si­bil­ity be­cause I’m just a per­son too. Like Wil­lowdean, you once had weight is­sues. Did that help you re­late to her story? Ab­so­lutely. Back in the day, yes, I got re­ally fat. When I was do­ing Best Lit­tle Whore­house in Texas, I was way up there. I could still be that big if I didn’t watch it. I love to eat, cook and go to restau­rants. There’s a Dumplin’ in­side of me try­ing to get out.

The NetƃiZ se­ries Dolly Par­ton’s Heart­strings, coO­ing neZt year, will fea­ture sto­ries based on your songs. I’ve al­ways wanted my songs to be sto­ries, so I asked, “What do you think about do­ing some­thing called Dolly Par­ton Theatre, where they do a movie each week from sto­ries based on my songs¶» Ne­tyix loved it.

The se­quel to 9 to 5 is be­ing writ­ten for you, Jane Fonda and Lily Tom­lin. The idea, I think, is new girls who are still hav­ing the same prob­lems that we had in the orig­i­nal say, “Who were these women that made so many changes back so many years ago?” And they look us up.

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