Des­tiny of the soul is a per­sonal choice

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From the writ­ings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Q: My son and I are in a de­bate on whether what we choose to do with our bod­ies is a per­sonal choice. I am try­ing to talk my son out of drink­ing al­co­hol, but he is try­ing to talk me out of smok­ing cig­a­rettes. He chal­lenged me that if I would stop smok­ing, he would stop drink­ing, but I am older than him and my ad­dic­tion does not af­fect him be­cause I don’t smoke around him. But when he drinks and be­comes out of con­trol, it has the po­ten­tial of hurt­ing oth­ers. Who is right? - F.S.

A: A woman once told of her un­cle who had some very bad health habits that they would kill him if he didn’t stop them. When she shared her con­cern with him, he laughed and said he’d rather en­joy his life, even if it short­ened his days. “Why would any­one act like this?” she won­dered.

Self-cen­tered­ness is one very prob­a­ble an­swer. De­lib­er­ately do­ing some­thing that will cut short a per­son’s life re­veals that they are think­ing only about them­selves and ig­nor­ing all the hurt and sor­row a pre­ma­ture death

brings to loved ones.

In what ways might we be like him? What health rules are we vi­o­lat­ing? In what ways are we not tak­ing care of the body God has given us? Some­day each one of us will leave be­hind our earthly tent (our fleshly bod­ies), and be bound for eter­nity in Heaven or Hell. But the Bi­ble clearly de­clares that we are to honor God with our bod­ies (1 Corinthi­ans 6:20).

God cre­ated us free to choose how we would live, but leaves us free to pur­sue our own ends with tragic, nat­u­ral con­se­quences. The des­tiny of the soul is a per­sonal choice. No one ever goes wrong when they choose to fol­low Je­sus Christ.

Billy Graham

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