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Who has read the King Don­ald Bi­ble ver­sion?


I can’t help but laugh when I read or hear some­one say God put Trump in of­fice.

Trump said he’s never prayed be­cause he’s never done any­thing wrong. I guess ly­ing, fraud and adul­tery are al­lowed in his eyes. You are pray­ing to the wrong God when pray­ing for him and Me­la­nia. Trump only wor­ships him­self; God has no idea who he is.

I’ve never read the Kind Don­ald ver­sion of the Bi­ble that Trump sup­port­ers live by, but in the King James Ver­sion, I be­lieve that the anti-Christ dies and comes back like Je­sus. Could it be Trump’s sup­port­ers have been wor­ship­ing the anti-Christ? Could Trump be fak­ing this to get out of an­other de­bate? I put noth­ing past this man. How can you get sick from a hoax?

When­ever I visit a friend that sup­ports Trump, I’m only go­ing to see Fox News 24/7. The five lat­est is­sues of Na­tional En­quirer are proudly dis­played on the cof­fee ta­ble. Af­ter read­ing them. I’m more wor­ried about cat­fish wak­ing out of the wa­ter swal­low­ing peo­ple than I am about mail-in voter fraud.

Tony Bor­ders

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