Chattanooga Times Free Press : 2020-10-16

REGION : 13 : B3


B3 BREAKING NEWS: 423-757- NEWS Friday, October 16, 2020 ••• TIMESFREEP­RESS. COM heOG 6at rGa 2ctoEer at 30 at 6eT atchie 9aOOe 0emoriaO arGens in -asSer T1. 9isitation iOO Ee 6at rGa from 30 30 at ton neraO Home &remation &enter. The famiO asN that o resSectf OO ear a face masN hiOe Yisiting ith them at the f neraO home. Ee greatO misseG. 6he is s r YiYeG E her OoYing h sEanG of rs. -ames :iOOiams chiOGren a&reasha Harris a6ha a Harris anG stin :iOOiams siEOings arEara raGOe aron 6chraGer anG &hrist &ooSer granGchiO Gren 1eYaeh 0itcheOO anG 0aOachi anG seYeraO nieces anG neShe s. graYesiGe serYice iOO Ee heOG at am on 6at rGa 2ctoEer at 0o nt 3Oeasant &emeter ith 3astor 6hane Harris officiatin­g. The fam iO iOO receiYe frienGs from Sm to Sm on riGa . 2nOine g est EooN at . iOsonf r rangements E :. . :iOson 6ons neraO Homes ort 2gOethorSe . GEORGIA OTHER AREAS CIRCLE, MAP & GO!!! IN MEMORY Rubye Turner-Young Marjorie Duncombe Find an Open House every Saturday and Sunday in the Open House Guide 5os eOO 5 E e :eaYer T rner o ng age of 5os eOO eorgia anG formerO of aOtimore 0ar OanG SasseG a a on 6 nGa 2ctoEer . raYesiGe 6erYice anG ,nterment iOO Ee heOG on 6at rGa at 1oon at the 1aomi &emeter a a ette . rrangement­s E :iOOis neraO Home aOton eor gia. Of ree e OoriGa 0arMorie ncomEe SasseG a a 6at rGa 2cto Eer in OoriGa. rrangement­s E -ohn 3. ranNOin neraO Home oGGs Yen e . GET A GUARANTEED OFFER ON YOUR HOME! Tracy Williams ooNo t 0o ntain Tra c nn 6chraGer :iOOiams age ent home to Ee ith the orG on :eGnesGa 2c toEer . 6he as Eorn to the Oate ero anG - Oia nn ,ngram 6chraGer in ort 2gOethorSe as a OifeOong resiGent of 1orth eorgia anG as a memEer of 5ocN 6Sring aStist &h rch. Trac as a OoYing ife mother granG mother anG sister ho iOO OBITS Did you know you can get Double Photos and New Emblems, like Military Service Emblems, with your Obit placement? EMANUEL THOMPSON FEBRUARY 2, 1938 - OCTOBER 16, 2019 CALL ME TODAY For pricing or placement informatio­n call 423.757.6348. e Your memory is our keepsake from which we will never part. God has you in His keeping and we have you in our hearts. Lovingly remembered by wife, Beatrice Thompson, family and friends.” MARK HITE m. Ask Your Realtor To List Your Home At TEAM 423-667-9385 markhiteho­ timesfreep­ress To List Your House on Facebook CALL 757-6681 homes.timesfreep­ 423-265-0088 188160-1