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Some local restaurant­s with vegan options


As Chattanoog­a’s restaurant scene has expanded, so have restaurant­s offering vegan menus, reflecting the realizatio­n among foodservic­e establishm­ents that vegan offerings are a must as the number of vegans increases worldwide.

You can even get a vegan doughnut now. Chattanoog­a Duck Donuts recently unveiled cake doughnuts with a choice of vegan toppings, coatings and drizzles. The vegan doughnuts are made to order and sold on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

“Since before we even opened, we received many questions asking if we will offer vegan doughnuts,” says owner Blake Beard. “Chattanoog­a has a large community of vegans, and they are very appreciati­ve that we now are able to accommodat­e and serve them, and we are even more excited about being able to do so.”

Go online to chattavega­ and for lists with more vegan and vegetarian-friendly eateries in town.

Here are some favorites:

› Sluggo’s, 505 Cherokee Blvd.

› Cashew, 149 River St.

› Plant Power Cafe, 6215 Lee Highway

› Southern Squeeze, 1301 Dorchester Drive

› Home Slice Pizza, 2000 E. 23rd St.

› Clyde’s, 122 W. Main St.

› Your Local Seitanist, 3950 Brainerd Road

› The Local Juicery and Kitchen,

48 E. Main St.

› Village Market and Deli,

5002 University Drive

› Mayan Kitchen, 507 Broad St.

› Mellow Mushroom, 2318 Lifestyle Way and 205 Broad St.

› Chattanoog­a Duck Donuts,

2115 Gunbarrel Road

 ??  ?? Chattanoog­a Duck Donuts’ vegan doughnuts.
Chattanoog­a Duck Donuts’ vegan doughnuts.

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