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Trump debt problem now in hands of son


Why is Donald Trump Jr. now solely in charge of the Trump Organizati­on?

It’s a precarious season for the Trump Organizati­on.

[Longtime chief financial officer Allen] Weisselber­g, charged with 15 felony counts, shares the monumental shame with Trump, who is now attempting to sell properties, including his Washington hotel, to meet the organizati­on’s debts.

When times are tough and money’s hard to come by, Trump’s time has arrived to navigate more than $1 billion of debt that is rapidly coming due from those formative years, and more than half is personally guaranteed by Trump.

So, without Weisselber­g to spin the books, he needs his next best swindler. Junior will no doubt appear to get them out of debt while excavating more.

Trump’s in an irrevocabl­e financial situation, and he knows it.

Rod Killian

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