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‘I don’t trust people as much anymore’


■ Name: Jayton Naik ■ Occupation: Engineer, Sequoyah Nuclear Plant

■ How your life is different since 9-11: “It very drasticall­y changed my life. It made me more determined to fight terrorism, in order to be free of the fear, to be able to enjoy life and freedom. It made me more patriotic and more supportive of men and women in uniform. I now fly an American flag at my home. But it has made my relatives abroad very worried about me living here in America. I was trusting of everyone before. I don’t trust people as much anymore. I have become a little skeptical and suspicious, a little more nervous.”

■ Fears/hopes for the future: “I don’t feel more vulnerable working at Sequoyah because it may be a target. Security has been tightened up to protect employees. All employees go through a security check. I am encouraged by the new precaution­s our country is taking, because it will be more difficult for the terrorists to attack again. We are more vigilant. It won’t be as easy for terrorists to attack us as it was before Sept. 11.”

 ??  ?? Jayton Naik
Jayton Naik

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