Prayer is the only an­swer for deal­ing with the weather

Cherokee County Herald - - COMMUNITY NEWS -

Well ac­cord­ing to some of the ex­perts the drought will not be as se­vere as it was last year. June, July, and Au­gust while be­ing hazy, hot, and hu­mid will have oc­ca­sional show­ers, and thun­der­storms.

June 15th the earth will pass be­tween the sun and Saturn mak­ing Saturn look brighter in the sky. Then on June 21st sum­mer of­fi­cially be­gins.

The pre­dic­tors say that we will have a cooler sum­mer but rain­fall will still be be­low nor­mal. Sup­pos­edly we are be­tween an El Nino and a La Nino weather pat­tern.

Many crop seeds are weather re­sis­tant which helps dur­ing drought, and the re­sis­tance to dis­ease and in­sects also helps dur­ing vul­ner­a­ble times.

Weather is not one of those things farmers can con­trol.

Prayer is about the only help. We will just have to wait and see what hap­pens in the next three months down on the farm.

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