Owner: Ger­ald Goad, Ed­mond, Ok­la­homa Ve­hi­cle: 1966 Nova

Chevy High Performance - - Like A Pit Bull On A Pork Chop -


• Type: Chevro­let Per­for­mance LSX • Dis­place­ment: 427 ci • Com­pres­sion Ra­tio: 8.75:1 • Bore: 4.125 inches • Stroke: 4.000 inches • Cylin­der Heads: LSX, CNC-ported (Franken­stein En­gine Dy­nam­ics, Weather­ford, TX), Man­ley Se­vere Duty 2.200/1.615 valves, 68cc com­bus­tion cham­bers

• Ro­tat­ing As­sem­bly: Cal­lies Ul­tra Bil­let crank­shaft and Ul­tra Bil­let rods, custom Di­a­mond pis­tons, Cle­vite bear­ings

• Val­ve­train: Crower shaft rocker sys­tem 1.8:1 ra­tio, Crower En­duraMax lifters, Man­ton 7/16-inch pushrods, Comp tim­ing gear

• Camshaft: Comp solid roller spec’d by Travis Quillen (Quillen Mo­tor­sports En­gi­neer­ing, Athens, GA); specs pro­pri­etary

• In­duc­tion: Ho­gan’s custom bil­let man­i­fold with in­te­gral in­ter­cooler, dual Ac­cu­fab 90mm throt­tle bod­ies, dual Pre­ci­sion Turbo 6870 Gen2 CEA bil­let tur­bocharg­ers at 23 psi, Pre­ci­sion 225-lb/hr in­jec­tors, dual 46mm waste­gates, dual 64mm blow-off valves, Hol­ley VR2 fuel pump, dual Dominator pre­filter, Rick’s Stain­less alu­minum 15-gal tank w/ dual pick­ups, ad­di­tional baf­fling

• Ig­ni­tion: Hol­ley Dominator ECU, Hol­ley Smart Coil, Hol­ley trans­mis­sion con­trol, Hol­ley/Davis trac­tion con­trol, Moroso pri­mary wires

• Ex­haust: Custom head­ers, 1 7/8-inch pri­maries, 3-inch oval sys­tem, Borla XR-1 muf­flers by Chris Goad (Meeker, OK)

• An­cil­lar­ies: Vin­tage Air Front Run­ner ac­ces­sory drive, Kat­ech oil pump, Hol­ley oil pan, Be Cool ra­di­a­tor/heat ex­changer, Meziere 20-gpm wa­ter pump, dual 13-inch ra­di­a­tor fans, dual 7-inch heat ex­changer fans, Chis­eled Per­for­mance 4.5-gal wa­ter box/air-to-wa­ter trans­mis­sion cooler

• Machine Work: Troy Green (Boyd’s Rac­ing En­gines, Nor­man, OK) with in­put from Travis Quillen • Built By: Troy Green • Out­put (at the wheels): 1,405 hp at 6,850 rpm, 1,296 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm


• Trans­mis­sion: 4L85E spec’d by John

Lane at ATI, ATI Max Duty Triple Disc lockup con­verter

• Rear Axle: Moser M9 chro­moly hous­ing, Strange En­gi­neer­ing alu­minum third mem­ber, Pro lim­ited-slip dif­fer­en­tial, 35-spline axles, 3.00:1 gears, Dy­namic Driv­e­lines (Des Moines, IA) chro­moly prop shaft


• Frame: Custom chro­moly perime­ter frame and roll­bar by Chris Goad

• Front Sus­pen­sion: DSE spin­dles, DSE sub­frame as­sem­bly, rack steer­ing, dou­blead­justable coilovers w/ 550 lb/in coils, re­mote can­is­ter, an­ti­sway bar

• Rear Sus­pen­sion: DSE four-link, dou­ble ad­justable coilover springs, DSE Swivel Bars, PAC splined an­ti­sway bar, custom Pan­hard bar

• Brakes: Baer 14.5-inch ro­tors, six­pis­ton calipers, Wil­wood master cylin­der, Hy­dra­boost booster

Wheels & Tires

• Wheels: Forge­line RBC 3 18x9.5 front, 18x12 rear

• Tires: Toyo R888 265/35 front, 335/30 rear


• Uphol­stery: Erin Wick­izer, Bro­ken Spring Auto Uphol­stery (Shawnee, OK)

• Ma­te­rial: Vinyl

• Seats: GM

• Steer­ing: ididit col­umn, Bud­nik wheel • Shifter: GM mod­i­fied for 4L85E

• Dash: GM w/ in­serts

• In­stru­men­ta­tion: Dakota Dig­i­tal VHX, Hol­ley EFI

• Au­dio: Ken­wood DDX 9903 head unit, Kicker Q Class 6.5-inch front speak­ers, 6x9-inch rear speak­ers, dual L7QB8 8-inch sub­woofers in­stalled by Erin Wick­izer

• HVAC: Vin­tage Air


• Paint By: Brent Schmeski, Moun­tain Home Street Rods (Moun­tain Home, AK)

• Paint: Lam­borgh­ini Bianco Cano­pus (Satin White Pearl)

• Hood: Fiber­glass

• Grille: GM

• Bumpers: GM

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