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The un­sci­en­tific check­list on how to get your car fea­tured in Chevy High Per­for­mance

One of the du­ties

of be­ing the ed­i­tor for Chevy High Per­for­mance mag­a­zine is to de­cide which cars are just the right fit to be fea­tured in the mag­a­zine and on chevy­hiper­for­ As you might imag­ine, we get quite a few po­ten­tial fea­ture cars sent to us on a reg­u­lar ba­sis from some of the top builders and shops in the coun­try, as well as car own­ers who are very proud of their ride. One of the dif­fi­cult as­pects of this gig is telling some­one who has poured their heart and soul (or opened their wal­let) into the build of their dreams that their ride isn’t mag­a­zine ma­te­rial. And the rea­sons for this vary from “ques­tion­able” taste, the car isn’t quite nice enough, the build style is out­dated (we get a lot of those), or the fact that it just isn’t a good fit for the mag­a­zine.

But it gets re­ally weird when I have to tell some­one his or her car is too nice for CHP. This usu­ally doesn’t go over very well with the builder or owner of the car be­cause they can’t un­der­stand how a mag­a­zine could turn down their car for be­ing too high end. And it’s un­der­stand­able be­cause their car re­ally is mag­a­zine-wor­thy—just not for this one.

My goal at Chevy High Per­for­mance is to try to run car fea­tures that res­onate the best with our read­er­ship, which is dif­fi­cult enough as it is due to the fact that not ev­ery­one has the same taste in car builds. If ev­ery­one liked LS-pow­ered 1969 Ca­maros or big-block Chev­elles it would be easy, but that’s just not the case. If I’ve learned any­thing by be­ing the ed­i­tor of CHP over the past few years it’s that the read­ers pre­fer a va­ri­ety of build styles. Most like big horse­power (who here doesn’t) and grav­i­tate to­ward cars that are driven on the street and get beat on pretty hard.

It’s im­por­tant for you read­ers to see those af­ter­mar­ket per­for­mance parts get­ting put to task.

With that said, badass mus­cle cars (clas­sic or late-model) ain’t cheap. It costs money to go fast—ei­ther in a straight line or wig­gling through the cones like a $500K Eu­ro­pean sports car.

While go­ing through emails con­sist­ing of po­ten­tial fea­ture cars sent to me, I gen­er­ally ask my­self if this is the type of car our au­di­ence would like to look at and read about? Would it be some­thing they would want to have in their garage?

I re­al­ize there are times when we fea­ture cars that might be over the top as far as fabri­ca­tion, body­work, and paintjobs go, but that can be over­looked if the car of­fers in­spi­ra­tion and a bunch of at­ti­tude that we can all re­late to. Just be­cause a car costs over $100K doesn’t mean we can’t draw some ideas from it and ap­ply them to our own cars.

It’s dif­fi­cult to fea­ture a car that looks mean on the out­side, has a huge amount of horse­power, but is all dolled up with a cushy brown leather in­te­rior and fancy cup hold­ers made of bil­let alu­minum. That just tells us it’s likely that the en­gine hasn’t been taken over 4,500 rpm at any stage in its ex­is­tence. I per­son­ally ap­pre­ci­ate the work that goes into cars of that build cal­iber, but it’s just not Chevy High Per­for­mance ma­te­rial.

So what kind of cars are we af­ter? Let’s just say looks and per­for­mance are the top two as­pects. The best com­bi­na­tion is a car that is built based on per­for­mance (en­gine and sus­pen­sion), which in­cludes a pre­sentable in­te­rior and en­gine bay that will pho­to­graph well. It’s im­por­tant the car stands out and grabs spe­cial at­ten­tion at a cruise-in be­cause of its unique style, rather than based on its $60K worth of body­work and paint.

So, if you got a car you think is wor­thy of be­ing fea­tured in Chevy

High Per­for­mance, send pho­tos and a brief de­scrip­tion to me at­[email protected]­ Keep in mind a ni­trous switch or line lock but­ton trumps cup hold­ers ev­ery time.

You in?

Photo by Robert McGaf­fin

This 1970 Camaro is a great ex­am­ple of a Chevy High Per­for­mance fea­ture car: It’s nice-look­ing, street­driven, makes close to 800 hp, and the owner isn’t afraid to lean on it when nec­es­sary.

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