Thun­der Dome

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When Na­tional Parts De­pot (NPD) re­pro­duces an item, they hunt down new old stock GM orig­i­nal parts and cre­ate cor­rect-look­ing re­pro­duc­tions. OE-cor­rect dome light base (C-11927-3B) orig­i­nals were a satin-chrome fin­ish, not bright-chrome as has been avail­able thus far in re­pro­duc­tion. NPD ob­tained N.O.S. GM orig­i­nal parts and cre­ated a re­pro­duc­tion you’ll be proud to add to your in­te­rior. Fits 1970-’81 Camaro and 1971-’83 Chev­elle/Mal­ibu. Go to na­tion­al­parts­de­ or call 800.874.7595.

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