CPP “Drum Width” disc brakes of­fer a sim­ple cure for tire and wheel fit­ment is­sues

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CPP “Drum Width” disc brakes of­fer a sim­ple cure for tire and wheel fit­ment is­sues

Stance is a big part of giv­ing your Chevy the right look, but some­times we make sac­ri­fices in the process. For our early Chev­elle project car we nailed the stance with about 4 inches of to­tal drop up front, but we ran into a tire and wheel fit­ment prob­lem, mainly when the car was loaded down or in a tight park­ing lot. We orig­i­nally used a stan­dard Clas­sic Per­for­mance Products (CPP) kit on our Chev­elle (PN 6466CBK), which in­cluded 2-inch drop spindles and all of the ne­c­es­sary parts to swap our car from drum brakes to disc brakes. The kit func­tioned per­fectly, but it pushed the wheels out to­ward the fend­ers a lit­tle too much for our ap­pli­ca­tion. This doesn’t nor­mally cre­ate a tire and wheel fit­ment is­sue, but af­ter we dropped it two ad­di­tional inches with low­er­ing coil springs, we no­ticed an oc­ca­sional tire rub. We had a few op­tions to fix the prob­lem: 1. Re­place the front brakes with CPP’s “drum width” ro­tors. 2. Raise the car up an inch (not hap­pen­ing). 3. Wheels with cus­tom backspac­ing and/or smaller tires.

We de­cided early on that rais­ing the car’s ride height wasn’t an op­tion, so we nar­rowed it down to the CPP drum width kit or cus­tom backspace wheels. We are al­ready run­ning Wheel Vin­tiques 15x5 OE-style Chevy front wheels that have 3 inches of backspac­ing. The nar­row 5-inch rim doesn’t pro­vide a lot of wig­gle room for cus­tom backspac­ing and new max-backspace wheels from Wheel Vin­tiques would’ve only given us an ad­di­tional 3/8-inch per side. So, we opted for the CPP drum off­set kit and held onto our off-the-shelf steel­ies and 185/70R15 front tires from Coker.

Since we had al­ready in­stalled a CPP kit on the car, the new drum width ro­tors and calipers of­fered an easy in­stal­la­tion and gave us the in­stant re­sults we needed. We gained 1/2inch per side with a sim­ple brake swap, and while that doesn’t sound like much, it made all the dif­fer­ence in the world. The front tires no longer rub in park­ing lot sit­u­a­tions or when we have the car loaded down with dudes go­ing on a lunch run. The swap took us about four hours in the garage, and now we don’t have to worry about those cringe-wor­thy mo­ments when the front tires would rub on the fend­ers at full lock. The drum width ro­tors worked won­ders on our early Chev­elle, and CPP of­fers sim­i­lar kits for many other ap­pli­ca­tions.

Take a look at the steps in­volved to solve a big prob­lem and make our Chev­elle’s track width a lit­tle slim­mer. CHP

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