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A lit­tle more per­for­mance and a lot more sound with a fac­tory-war­rantied in­take and ex­haust

A lit­tle more per­for­mance and a lot more sound with a fac­tory-war­rantied in­take and ex­haust

So you’re think­ing of in­stalling an af­ter­mar­ket cold-air in­take and axle-back ex­haust on your new Ca­maro, huh? Well, you came to the right place ’cause that’s ex­actly what we’re do­ing with this 2018 Ca­maro 1SS. But we’re tak­ing it one step fur­ther by get­ting our “af­ter­mar­ket” parts from Chevro­let Per­for­mance. Air quotes around af­ter­mar­ket be­cause, while they aren’t fac­tory parts, they still work with your fac­tory war­ranty if your lo­cal Chevro­let dealer in­stalls them. So you get all the power and sound you want with none of that, “these parts void your war­ranty, sir,” hassle when you take your Chevy in to get ser­viced.

For the in­stall, we headed over to Guar­anty Chevro­let in Santa Ana,

Cal­i­for­nia, and fol­lowed along as tech­ni­cian Richard Grable in­stalled the new Chevro­let Per­for­mance parts. He started with the ex­haust be­fore mov­ing on to the in­take and fin­ished it all off by re-flash­ing the stock ECU to ac­com­mo­date the higher-flow­ing in­take.

Driv­ing the car be­fore and af­ter, we se­ri­ously dug the new ex­haust note. The car sounded all right with the fac­tory muf­fler, but man, did the new setup let that LT1 sing. As far as per­for­mance goes, we hon­estly weren’t ex­pect­ing a mas­sive power in­crease, but we were at least hop­ing for a few num­bers at the top of the power curve. To find out, we brought the car out to GTR High Per­for­mance in Ran­cho Cu­ca­monga, Cal­i­for­nia, and had them run it on their Dyno­jet

chas­sis dyno. Af­ter a cou­ple of warm-up pulls, the SS put down 414 hp and 409 lb-ft of torque. Back in 2016, when the new LT1-pow­ered Ca­maro SS came out, our friends over at Hot Rod mag­a­zine dyno’d a stocker on a Dyno­jet and it made 405 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque so an in­crease of al­most 10 peak horse­power sure is noth­ing to sneeze at.

Whether you’ve al­ready got a new Ca­maro SS or you’re plan­ning on putting in an or­der, you can’t go wrong with the ad­di­tion of these “af­ter­mar­ket” up­grades from Chevro­let Per­for­mance. So, fol­low along as we tag along with Richard from Guar­anty Chevro­let for the process of in­stalling the new ex­haust and cold-air in­take on this brand-new 2018 Ca­maro SS. CHP

05 | The ex­haust is lifted into place and Richard checks to make sure every­thing lines up as it should (re­mem­ber, kids, mea­sure twice and cut once), and it looks like all is well.

01 | Be­gin­ning with the ex­haust, Richard first mea­sures from the ex­haust tips to the be­gin­ning of the new pipes to pre­pare for cut­ting.

04 | Next up, Richard re­moves the rear-most ex­haust hanger on ei­ther side and in­stalls it onto the new muf­fler.

02 | He then uses a re­cip­ro­cat­ing saw to make a clean cut on both pipes and re­moves the old muf­fler.

03 | Here’s a look at the mas­sive dual in­let and out­let stock muf­fler (top) com­pared to the new less-baf­fled Chevro­let Per­for­mance muf­flers.

06 | He slides the new ex­haust onto the stock hang­ers, which took a lit­tle bit of mus­cle and lube to get the job done.

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