1 Era of ig­no­rance 9 El­e­va­tors in an of­fice build­ing? Hous­ton squad, ca­su­ally Ea­gle­like Mis­sis­sippi River bot­tom feeder “Wouldn’t that be nice!” Satchel for a homi­cide de­tec­tive? Joe of “GoodFel­las” Some­thing found at the top of many a Google search page Man­u­fac­tured Bak­ing soda has many of these Tush Danny Ocean’s ex-wife in “Ocean’s Eleven” Unsea­sonal wear on a win­ter va­ca­tion? Map Parisian wa­ters Jewish mourn­ing pe­riod Zoom, e.g. Base­ball stats some­times called 39-Down Jerk Static Swiss can­ton that was home to William Tell Va­ri­ety of stud poker, fa­mil­iarly 14

19 20

21 22 24 25 50

51 52

58 59 60 61 64 67

68 69 70 71 77 80

81 82 83 84

86 87 Berry with two di­a­crit­ics in its name

“Get ____!” Late-morn­ing meal for a TV fam­ily? Dorm over­seers, for short Sports event with two di­a­crit­ics in its name

Cry af­ter “Com­pany” Who wrote, “In the land of the blind, the oneeyed man is king” One way to buy mus­tard cheaply? Like the num­ber i, math­e­mat­i­cally Burns writ­ing Strong bond A pil­lar of Is­lam Emails such as “Click this link to be­come an Apollo as­tro­naut”? Erie Canal city ____ Spiegel, co-founder of Snapchat “Dar­ling, won’t you ____ my wor­ried mind” (“Layla” lyric) Peter’s chief of staff on “The Good Wife” Down-on-their­luck sorts

Hit the hide off the base­ball Beauts Back­grounds in theater 88 90

92 93

98 99

100 101


105 107

110 111 112 113

114 115


1 Deaden acous­ti­cally Blue shade King­dom in “The Pris­oner of Zenda” Leg-pullers Div. for the Red 106-Down Se­cures with a band S.A.S.E., e.g.: Abbr. They re­quire stitches What the ro­ta­tor cuff ro­tates 2 3

4 5

6 7 8 9 Tem­pur-Pedic ri­val Sea­wa­ter com­pound Neo­phytes Col­lec­tion of Yule-cen­tric posts? Box­ing venue Nagy of Hun­gar­ian his­tory Wooded val­ley Bird on Walden Pond in “Walden” Like ser­vices cov­ered by a health in­surer Drops Uten­sil for eat­ing some cured meat? Link with Brain­power See to it When a happy hour might start Haven Seizure cause 10

11 12


14 15

16 17 18 20

23 28

32 33 34

35 39 40 41 43

44 45

47 49 School ex­ten­sion? Neu­tral shades Word from the Latin for “noose”

One caught by a 12-Down Nurse Can-can danc­ing? For­mula for slope in math Costa Ri­can pres­i­dent who won the 1987 No­bel Peace Prize Stuffed ____ Clay and oil, for artists

“For heaven ____” Some ways on Waze: Abbr. Split per­son­al­ity? Branch of Is­lam Ap­pur­te­nance for a car­toon Ne­an­derthal Mannheim mis­ter Del­monico steak cuts Doc­u­ment list­ing tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions TV net­work with a science-y name Pre­fix with punc­ture More sen­si­ble One is roughly the mass of a speck of dust Fes­toons with Charmin, for short Charged up 53 54

55 56


62 63

64 Laura of “Big Lit­tle Lies” Con­fu­cian philoso­pher ____ Hsi Re­ally trendy Hit just be­yond the in­field High­tail it, saltily Ocean froth “The Simp­sons” bar

Asian fruits used in Western al­ter­na­tive medicine 65 66 67

70 72 73 74 75

76 Nor­we­gian king near the end of the first mil­len­nium Non-____ (food la­bel) Western pow­wow held ev­ery year or so “Come again?” Limit “Fancy that!” Peo­ple like you Or­feo in Gluck’s “Or­feo ed Euridice,” e.g. Not catch 78 79 85

86 87 89 91 92 93 94

95 Cres­cent-shaped Ital­ian pas­tries Pied­mont wine town Al­ter­na­tives to gel­caps Semiliq­uid stuff Neu­ral junc­tion So-so filler? Lunkheads Hol­i­day glit­ter Flora and fauna Plas­ter for paint­ing An­i­mal used to guard sheep and goats 96 97 98 103 104 106 108

109 Span­ish crock­ery Munchkin “____-Tikki-Tavi” Mis­reck­ons “It is a rid­dle, wrapped in a mys­tery, in­side an enigma; but per­haps there is ____”: Churchill See 5-Down Nu­mer­i­cal pre­fix Much Top 40 mu­sic now

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