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Teachers who are willing need to be allowed to get back into the classroom


I’m a supporter of the Chicago Teachers Union. I will be a card-carrying member for as long as I work for Chicago Public Schools.

Beyond my support for the union, I am a Chicagoan first and foremost. I grew up in the South Shore area and attended the public schools. One thing I learned in this time is that you don’t walk away from a struggle and you always do best by the community.

I may be in the minority of teachers who want to come back to school, but I know it’s the right thing to do. There are Chicago parents and students eager to get back to school, and we should not deny them this opportunit­y.

All throughout my teaching career I’ve watched us struggle to gain the respect of other profession­s. This is our moment to step up and be heroic at a time when students and parents need us the most.

Some years back I won the Golden Apple teaching award because an organizati­on thought I was excellent at teaching. Remote teaching has produced a shell of my teaching ability, and every day I watch my fifth graders struggle to get through the day staring at a laptop screen. Students share countless concerns of eye fatigue, headaches, sadness and feelings of isolation. I am empathetic, but I feel helpless in the power struggle between the city and teachers union.

I am not asking teachers who feel unsafe to come back to work. But can we find a way to tap a group of teachers willing to go in and make the necessary sacrifices for the students of Chicago? I volunteer to be a model of what can be accomplish­ed with creativity, ingenuity and love.

If we do not act now, I fear we will be healing the scars of this moment for years to come.

Ronald Hale Chicago Public Schools teacher Stephen K. Hayt Elementary School

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