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The Knocked Up star and Grey’s Anatomy alum, 42, brings Kristin Hannah’s bestsellin­g book Firefly Lane to Netflix (Feb. 3). The 10-episode series unfolds the coming-of-age story of the enduring four-decade friendship of the unlikely duo of brash Tully (Heigl) and shy Kate (Sarah Chalke) from teenagers to middle age.

Tell us about Tully. Tully’s very complicate­d because of the traumas she suffered in her childhood, the abandonmen­t issues; all of that created a kind of wall around her that can be hard to play without it coming off too prickly. [But] I related to her. I understand the level of intensity of being a wife, a mother, running a home and also trying to make sure that your own needs are met and your own voice is heard.

How involved was Kristin Hannah in converting her book to a series? Kristin just had a couple stipulatio­ns where we needed to stay true to the book. But other than that, she was comfortabl­e with our showrunner taking some creative license, which we did. I am now a giant Kristin Hannah fan, and I keep passing her books along to family and friends who love to read. She’s just extraordin­ary. [For an interview with the author, see page 5.]

How did you spend your time quarantini­ng on your ranch in

Utah? I was loving being home, being with my kids [daughters Naleigh and Adalaide and son Joshua], getting to indulge all my hobbies. I love to paint, draw, knit, cook, and I got to do all of these things because suddenly I didn’t have to jet off for another job or go to another place to work or go travel for promotion.

How many animals has she fostered during the pandemic? Go to to find out.

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