Chicago Sun-Times (Sunday)

How FastHelp keeps seniors out of nursing homes


We sat down with Philip Howren MD, top emergency room physician, to find out how FastHelp can help seniors stay out of nursing homes. This is what he said:

“I see it every day, one fall or major health event and seniors land in a nursing home. In an emergency situation seconds count and a few minutes can make all the difference.

“I love FastHelp because it immediatel­y and directly connects you to highly trained emergency operators who can help you. That saves time and can be the difference between coming back home or a potentiall­y fatal nursing home confinemen­t.

“Another reason seniors end up in nursing homes is they can’t afford the cost of a medical alert device but with FastHelp they are never alone and they are never exposed to any monthly bills. And the best part is they get to continue living in their own homes and their families don’t have to worry.

“Here’s the bottom line, the Coronaviru­s Pandemic hits seniors harder than anyone else and the nursing home is the worst place they can be, so if I can help them keep living in their own homes with FastHelp, that’s a win for everyone.”

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