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Ex-girlfriend gets new guy and dog she always wanted

He regrets his stand on pets and wants her back ASK DOG LADY |


Dear Dog Lady: I’ve been recovering from a bad breakup and looking for wisdom wherever I can. I heard my old girlfriend has a new boyfriend and a new dog. She alway s wanted a dog when we were together but I have never liked animals and wasn’t interested. I find the dog news troubles me more than the boyfriend news. It means her life is more together than mine at this point. Right now, I’d take her back dog and all. How could I re ach out?

Al , C h i c a go Dear Al:

The best way to re ach out is to leave her alone. Don’t be weird and hang on. Dog Lady understand­s why the dog news might be more troubling than the boyfriend news because making room for an animal in our lives requires maturity and responsibi­lity. She’s moved on to a place where she has chambers in her heart for new relationsh­ips with a dog and a boyfriend — not you.

In a vintage “This American Life” story produced by WBEZ Chicago P ublic Radio, host Ira Glass ponders the verities of de - coupling. Glass makes the point that an ex with a Rex sends a clear signal the affair is really finis.

Dogs fill the empty space s after breakups. You should try it. Volunteer to walk dogs at an animal shelter. The experience could put you in touch with your inner hound. You never know what creature you might meet. Dear Dog Lady:

We have two dogs, a black Lab, Raven, and a dachshund, Cinnamon. Both are sweet-tempered dogs especially Cinnamon. Both are neutered, but the dachshund always wants to ride the Lab’s leg. Both are females. We give them both constant attention. They are never home alone for longer than a few hours. S o I don’t think Cinnamon craves attention. Raven looks at her like she’s nuts and just lays there until someone notices her and puts a stop to it.

The veterinari­an says some dogs do that but I don’t know. My husband has been sick, and Cinnamon is his constant companion as well as mine. Raven is an aloof dog. She would rather be out chasing squirrels. Any light you can shine on this problem would be appreciate­d.

M a rg a re t , D e s P l a i n e s Dear Margaret:

Nothing to worry about as long as Raven remains the tolerant humpee. Dogs indulge in this behavior to exert dominance or simply to send a special masterly mounting message as Cinnamon must try to give Raven. The act looks weird to humans — a dog grinding at a human leg, a dog leg, or mounted on another dog — but in their canine - centric world, it’s pretty normal. A hapless miniature poodle has mounted Dog Lady’s dog since they were puppies 10 years ago. Darling grins and bears it until we humans separate them. After all, what’s a little humping among fixed friends? Be like Raven and try to ignore this Cinnamon schtick. Dear Readers:

Speaking of hot dogs, save the date. Dog Lady calls your attention to the S econd Annual Red Hot Hot Dog Days on Saturday, July 26, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, July 27, from noon to 5 p.m. at Red Dog House, 2031 N. Damen Avenue, as part of the Wicker Park Bucktown Sidewalk Sale.

The Midwest Dachshund Rescue will be showing off wiener woofers available for adoption and answering all your questions about their care and feeding. The Red Dog House will be giving away Chicago -style hot dogs from Red Hot Chicago. G o support a very good cause for paws.

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