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Break the law, pay the price


No matter how hard I try, I can’t see any logic to arguments against red-light cameras. Exactly which laws do people feel they have a right to violate?

(I imagine the only violation they’d feel guilty about is getting caught.) Or maybe we should do away with radar guns, security cameras at ATMS, or maybe just tear down all stop signs for the sake of individual liberty. Absurd, such insurance coverage. Such a disclosure would provide individual­s with accurate informatio­n, should they choose employment at that institutio­n, while protecting religious freedom. Barbara S. Marion,

Palos Hills isn’t it? Equally absurd to complain that the city gets money from lawbreaker­s who endanger the lives of others. Better to get money from those who drive recklessly than to raise taxes. The only rationale for running a light is the attitude of King-baby: “I’m driving here! I’m in a hurry, Get outta my way. I don’t need no stinkin’ red light.” Fine. Do the crime, pay the fine. Lawrence Janowski,

Pulaski Park federal prison for his role in the hired truck scandal, then we get the stickers that don’t stick and now we get the stickers that may or may not be gang symbols. If the city clerk’s office were a reality TV show, its ratings would surely surpass the Kardashian­s or maybe the Blago chronicles. It’s time to dump that office and hire a profession­al that at least could prevent the city from becoming a laughingst­ock. Shut off the drinking water.

Bob Angone, South Loop

Outfit crime boss Michael “The Large Guy” Sarno was sentenced to 25 years in prison this week. Sarno ordered the bombing of a business that was encroachin­g on his illegal video poker racket.

I’m glad that Sarno’s going to prison. I’m also happy that Illinois finally wised up and legalized video poker machines for taverns, fraternal clubs and truck stops.

A legal, regulated video poker industry means wise guys like Sarno will be put out of business. Illinois’ ridiculous “For Amusement Only” tax stickers on poker machines will finally come to an end once the legal, regulated machines are put into place. Nobody plays video poker at a tavern purely for their own amusement. They play because they’re hoping to win an illegal jackpot.

I have no fundamenta­l problem with people who want to plunk quarters into a poker machine while they sip a beer and watch a game at their corner tap. They’re not criminals.

The problem, you see, isn’t video poker.

The problem is that the Outfit has been able to rake in untold millions of dollars while Illinois turned a mostly blind eye. Yeah, a few guys with bent noses and a handful of tavern owners were busted once in a while, but nothing ever stopped.

Legalizati­on is the only proven way to cut the gangsters out. Illinois quickly killed off the illegal numbers rackets when the state started its own lottery, for instance.

On Friday, Gov. Pat Quinn will hold a press conference to “encourage people to support education and capital constructi­on programs by playing Powerball,” according to his office. Before

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