J.B.’s top staffers get ex­tra dough — that’s rich

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J.B. Pritzker, the bil­lion­aire gover­nor in Spring­field, wants to share his im­mea­sur­able wealth. But he is not in­vest­ing in the im­pov­er­ished South and West Side neigh­bor­hoods.

He is not help­ing so­cial ser­vices that have been gut­ted by the state’s fail­ure to pay its bills. And he cer­tainly isn’t chip­ping away at the enor­mous pen­sion debt that threat­ens Illi­nois’ sur­vival.

No, he is drop­ping at least half a mil­lion dol­lars on the salaries of his high­est-paid staffers.

Most of us don’t make $150,000 a year. But ap­par­ently that’s not enough for the peo­ple that will be car­ry­ing his wa­ter.

What bet­ter way to project your­self as an out-of-touch gazil­lion­aire than to make wealthy peo­ple wealth­ier. It’s his money. He can do what he wants with it.

The trou­ble is, he hasn’t even as­sumed the oath of of­fice and he is al­ready treat­ing Illi­nois like it is his, and he can do what he wants with it. The cur­rent ruse is that he does it “with the goal of at­tract­ing and re­tain­ing top tal­ent.”

Sub­sti­tute the words “butt-kissers” for tal­ent, and he’s spot on.

Scot Sin­clair, Third Lake

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