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Dear Tom,

How of­ten does a day’s ac­tual high and low tem­per­a­tures equal the nor­mal high and low tem­per­a­tures for that date?

— Bill Wil­son, Dyer, Ind.

Dear Bill,

It doesn’t oc­cur very of­ten. We used Mid­way Air­port data for the pe­riod 1929 through 2017, the years for which com­plete high and low daily tem­per­a­tures are avail­able. That’s 88 years of data. A com­puter check of ob­served daily high and low tem­per­a­tures against Mid­way’s nor­mal daily high and low tem­per­a­tures re­vealed only 83 oc­cur­rences on which all four num­bers were ex­actly the same, or slightly less than one day per year.

Chicago’s tem­per­a­ture cli­mate usu­ally con­sists of swings (some­times rather large swings) around the daily nor­mals, and it’s not of­ten that a day’s high and low read­ings are ex­actly equal to the nor­mals on a given date.

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