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Little scarves, lots of style

- Ellen Warren

Answer Angel

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Are neck scarves (about 1 foot square) fashionabl­e these days?

— Christine K.

Dear Christine: You bet they’re fashionabl­e. They’re back. They were popular in the ’50s and ’60s and in and out of fashion since. Then: Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy. Now: Angelina Jolie, Priyanka Chopra, lots of models.

I had to get out my measuring tape to check out your suggested 12-inch squares. Actually, the small neck scarves or neckerchie­fs we’re talking about here are more like 17 to 22 inches square. They come in silk, cotton (bandanas) and polyester, in prints and solids. And, they definitely can dress up an otherwise so-so outfit. They work around the neck, of course, but I’ve seen them tied to a ponytail, a purse handle or even around an ankle.

Big fashion houses like Hermes ($220, 18 inches), Burberry ($170, 17.7 inches) and Chanel ($375, 25 inches) sell them if you’re designer label-conscious. My splurge favorites are the unique designs of Richard Manville (rbmanville. com, 17 inches, $80).

Angelic Readers

When I recently wrote about Barbara G.’s split fingernail problem I had no idea how many of you are fellow sufferers. Readers offered a huge variety of solutions.

Naomi G. recommends Orly Nail Rescue Kit

(, $19.99;, $11.99) and Orly Nail Defense

(, $8.99). Mary A. prefers using cuticle oil (even olive oil) every evening before bed. Judith S.’ husband’s barber recommende­d collagen supplement­s — gummy or powder “and it has helped.” With all the COVID-19 hand-washing, Barb A. counsels choosing a mild hand soap that doesn’t dry your nails, like Neutrogena transparen­t facial bar (drugstores, $2.62 and up) and wearing gloves to wash dishes. Kim S. uses rubber gloves too, along with weekly manicures and biotin supplement­s (walgreens. com, $14.79 and up); Gelatin capsules twice a day (1,300 mg) solved Barbara G.’s split nail problem

(, $9.05).

Louise D., used Barielle Nail Strengthen­ing Cream

(bedbathand­beyond. com, $14.99) and Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein

(, $9) and “the problems have disappeare­d.” Christine M. says, “I have never had such strong nails” since relying on Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (vitalprote­ins. com, $27). Judy P. is a huge fan of OPI’s Nail Envy Nail Strengthen­er (,, $17.99; ulta. com, $18.95). Edie P. says using any brand of antiseptic cream massaged on the nails daily is the answer. Beverly S. says painting the nail with Krazy Glue (drugstores,,

$1.77 and up) worked for her. Jan G. uses a dab of Super Glue (,

$6.17, drug and hardware stores).

Margie C. relies on Nailtiques Formula 2 (amazon. com, $13.18 and up). Vaseline morning and night, says Elizabeth B. Emily W.’s dermatolog­ist recommende­d DermaNail Nail Conditione­r (amazon. com, $41.72). Seche Base Coat weekly on clean nails with no other product on top is the answer, says Julie C. (,

$6.10). Oil from Vitamin E capsules rubbed on nightly says Ellen K. Anne P.’s choice is Excuse Me Brush-On Gel Glue Resin (, $5.50). Kathy S. uses Koru Nails’ Australian Golden Lanolin (korunatura­,


 ?? MATT WINKELMEYE­R/GETTY/TNS 2019 ?? Priyanka Chopra, above, Angelina Jolie and a host of models have helped neck scarves become fashionabl­e once again.
MATT WINKELMEYE­R/GETTY/TNS 2019 Priyanka Chopra, above, Angelina Jolie and a host of models have helped neck scarves become fashionabl­e once again.
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