Thou­sands of Chicagoland Boomers and Se­niors are now get­ting knee pain RE­LIEF, IN­STEAD of knee re­place­ment.

If you be­lieve your only op­tions are ag­o­niz­ing knee pain or surgery... You are WRONG!

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“I didn’t know how much LIFE and SLEEP I was miss­ing be­cause of my knee pain, un­til it went away with this won­der­ful treat­ment.” — Ge­orge R. “Six months later, I found out the one thing be­tween me and los­ing 20 lbs, WAS my knee pain” — Mary T. “Ev­ery day was hard. I couldn’t en­joy my fa­vorite ac­tiv­i­ties any­more. But thank­fully, now I’m back in full form. I am do­ing yard work for the first time in years!” — Phil M.

It turns out, the se­cret of en­joy­ing the “golden years” is NOT sim­ply hav­ing a gi­ant nest egg for re­tire­ment Why?

Re­cent re­search showed that Baby Boomers and se­niors who lead an ac­tive life­style dur­ing re­tire­ment, and con­tinue do­ing the things they truly en­joy, free of pain, ARE hap­pier, re­gard­less of in­come level or wealth.

And truth be told, peo­ple who don’t have their mo­bil­ity to en­joy their fa­vorite ac­tiv­i­ties at that age, all the money in the world won’t bring true hap­pi­ness.

We know this be­cause we hear peo­ple say this over and over again at the Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute in Or­land Park. Com­ments like this . . .

You know how it is . . .

You start to rec­og­nize your knee is hurt­ing, and you try pain medicines, braces, or dif­fer­ent over-the-counter arthri­tis sup­ple­ments. Soon enough, you re­al­ize they ei­ther cause lots of side ef­fects, or they fail to live up to their prom­ise of fast, long-last­ing re­lief, and are not worth the price of the bot­tle they come in.

And BE­CAUSE you’d pre­fer NOT to go un­der the knife . . .

And can’t af­ford to be put in bed for sev­eral weeks, and be­cause you know peo­ple who still hurt EVEN af­ter surgery . . . you give up, and learn to live with the pain. BUT, you miss out on things you en­joy do­ing, and lose your golden years one ac­tiv­ity at a time.

With less ac­tiv­ity, comes weight gain, and de­pres­sion . . . Yes, you can put up with this ache in your knee, but the cost of do­ing noth­ing about it is HUGE. You are not do­ing your­self a fa­vor by “tough­ing it out.”

What are my op­tions if I don’t want to un­dergo surgery?

To­day we live in an age with tremen­dous tech­nol­ogy ad­vances, and that’s what Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute doc­tors use to put new life and en­ergy into fail­ing knee joints.

Us­ing pre­cise, ad­vanced imag­ing, they gen­tly place an all nat­u­ral joint lu­bri­cant di­rectly in­side your knee to re­place the lost fluid that’s caus­ing your pain. This treat­ment has proven to have a very high rate of suc­cess.

How­ever, it HAS to be done right with ad­vanced imag­ing . . .

A re­cent study ex­am­ined trained doc­tors and sur­geons who at­tempted these in­jec­tions with­out us­ing ad­vanced imag­ing. In­stead, they sim­ply felt the knee with their fingers and BLINDLY de­liv­ered the re­place­ment fluid.

The study re­vealed that these doc­tors missed the tar­get most of the time . . . In fact, 30% of the time, they didn’t even place the treat­ment in­side the joint. Yes THIRTY per­cent. It is not a typo.

Even af­ter miss­ing the tar­get, they had no way of know­ing they missed, be­cause they are not SEE­ING it with ad­vanced imag­ing.

That means these pa­tients went away think­ing they had re­ceived a life-chang­ing treat­ment, and, in fact, did not get any ben­e­fit at all. Even worse, many of them went on to have surgery they didn’t need.

How did Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute find the An­ti­dote to this MIS­ER­ABLE fail­ure . . .

The doc­tors at the Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute are trained in us­ing cut­ting-edge low dose mo­tion dig­i­tal imag­ing. These highly skilled, Board Cer­ti­fied doc­tors are able to see into the knee joint. They ac­tu­ally watch the medicine, live, as it goes where it needs to be. This tech­nol­ogy is so pre­cise, so ad­vanced, and so fore­front that it was able to make a whole dif­fer­ence in Non­sur­gi­cal treat­ments. “We’ve had so many pa­tients tell us they RE­CEIVED treat­ments like Syn­visc or Ortho­visc in the past, and it didn’t work. So they were con­sid­er­ing surgery, and some even had surgery sched­uled. Luck­ily, we were able to save many of those peo­ple from the knife.” Said Dr Mike Hana at the Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute.

Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute’s proven ac­cu­racy and ef­fec­tive treat­ment is why peo­ple are trav­el­ing hun­dreds of miles to get knee pain treat­ment from their Doc­tors.

Why did Knee treat­ments from Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute be­come the talk of the town?

Many se­niors walk out feel­ing bet­ter than they have in years! So as you might imag­ine, when their friends see them move eas­ier, walk fur­ther, sleep bet­ter and are hap­pier, they want it also.

Only days af­ter this treat­ment, peo­ple usu­ally no­tice a de­crease in: Pain... Stiff­ness... Mus­cle weak­ness... Swelling... Locked joints... Re­duced range of mo­tion... and Crack­ing sounds.

Most pa­tients who re­ceive the treat­ment are able to live pain free for up to 6 months, and some even get re­lief for 3-5 years with NO ad­di­tional treat­ments.

How does the treat­ment help re­lieve your joint pain...

It’s pretty sim­ple, re­ally. You see, when you’re young, you have a thick, fluid pro­tein in­side your knee joints to lu­bri­cate them as you move.

This fluid also acts as a cush­ion and shock ab­sorber in­side your knee. It’s called syn­ovial fluid, and it works much like the oil in a car’s en­gine to keep all the parts mov­ing freely, with­out fric­tion.

How­ever, as you age, this fluid dries out, leav­ing your bones to painfully rub and grind against each other with ev­ery step. And un­for­tu­nately, there’s no way for the joint to make more.

Af­ter years of trusted ser­vice in mov­ing you ev­ery­where you need to go, you start to feel a sub­tle ache in your knees with cer­tain ac­tiv­i­ties like kneel­ing down, or get­ting out of the car. With time, it be­comes a con­stant ache. If left un­treated, it can keep you awake at night, and hurt with ev­ery step.

The good news is, re­searchers dis­cov­ered an al­most iden­ti­cal, all nat­u­ral lu­bri­cat­ing fluid called Hyaluronic acid. It has been proven in nu­mer­ous clin­i­cal stud­ies to act as a nat­u­ral lu­bri­cant in your joints.

It’s FDA ap­proved and is a per­fect cush­ion and shock ab­sorber for your joints. Once it’s cor­rectly placed in­side your knee, it can make them feel just like new again, elim­i­nate any rub­bing and fric­tion, and make your joints glide smoothly. Are there any side ef­fects to this treat­ment? Is the treat­ment painful?

Af­ter numb­ing the skin with a spe­cial spray, Joint Re­lief’s imag­ing tech­nol­ogy makes this treat­ment vir­tu­ally pain­less. And be­cause you are get­ting a sup­ple­ment for a pro­tein we are all born hav­ing, there are NO known af­ter ef­fects.

That is right, this is a quick, nat­u­ral long-last­ing, non-in­va­sive, non-sur­gi­cal treat­ment with NO known side ef­fects...

Is it true this nat­u­ral treat­ment costs NOTH­ING?...

Yes, more good news, be­sides the pain re­lief, is that be­cause this non-sur­gi­cal pro­gram has al­ready proven to help thou­sands of se­niors, Medi­care and other in­sur­ance plans DO cover the full cost of the treat­ment.

So there is very likely NO COST to you for this life-chang­ing treat­ment.

Here is what you need to do if you or a loved one is suf­fer­ing with knee pain…

Call now for a free screen­ing...

If you or a loved one is suf­fer­ing with knee pain, this could be the blessed re­lief you’re look­ing for. You are per­son­ally in­vited to a FREE knee pain screen­ing from the Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute doc­tors to see if you are a good can­di­date for this all-nat­u­ral, highly-pre­cise treat­ment.

Due to high de­mand, they can only of­fer a lim­ited num­ber of FREE screens ev­ery month. So if you’re in­ter­ested, Call now (708) 963-0064.

Wait­ing will not help you feel bet­ter...

This ache in your knees could be a sign of se­ri­ous dam­age and peo­ple who choose to sim­ply “tough it out” will def­i­nitely see their knees de­te­ri­o­rate fur­ther over time. The one thing we know is: The dam­age will NEVER undo it­self with­out some help.

Your screen­ing will only take about 2030 min­utes of your time, as one of their doc­tors sits down with you and an­swers all the ques­tions you have about your knees.

On the day of your treat­ment, you’ll be able to come in on your own, and be done within 30 min­utes or less. No pain. No prob­lem driv­ing your­self home. ■

Al­ter­na­tive to the knife for your knee pain? Non-Sur­gi­cal treat­ment suc­cess rate soars af­ter us­ing new dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy

JRI Doc­tors see live into the knee joint. Even you will be able to tell the medicine went where it needs to be. No guess work, no pok­ing around, the medicine cush­ion lu­bri­cate and help heal the dam­aged knee.

If you re­ceived this kind of treat­ment in the past, and it didn’t re­lieve your pain, there is a BIG chance the med­i­ca­tion landed some­where around, but not IN­SIDE, the joint where it can’t help you.

Ad­vanced Dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy is used to elim­i­nate a HUGE per­cent­age of treat­ment fail­ures. Ev­ery treat­ment at Joint Re­lief In­sti­tute is pin-pointed to the dam­aged area in­side the knee. The doc­tors see the med­i­ca­tion live as it goes to help the trou­bled joint.

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