Chickens 101 - - STARTING YOUR FLOCK -

One of the best times to in­te­grate birds of dif­fer­ent breeds and sizes into the same flock is dur­ing chick­hood. Chicks work to es­tab­lish a hi­er­ar­chy from the very be­gin­ning, and nei­ther chicks nor adults dis­crim­i­nate on looks. Rather, they es­tab­lish a peck­ing or­der on per­son­al­ity and as­sertive­ness. Some breeds are known for hav­ing a docile tem­per­a­ment, and some are more ag­gres­sive. Of course, this in­flu­ences an in­di­vid­ual’s per­son­al­ity. But, each bird is unique. Even if you had a flock of 10 hens of the same breed, one bird would be al­pha and oth­ers would be vary­ing de­grees of sub­mis­sive. In other words, there’s no need to shy away from mix­ing birds of dif­fer­ent breeds be­cause you’re wor­ried about ker­fuf­fles. An in­di­vid­ual bird’s per­son­al­ity is more in­flu­en­tial to the peck­ing or­der than her breed.

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