Birds of a Feather


Molting doesn’t apply to only chickens in the avian world.

Every avian of every species has some type of molt. Quail, ducks, geese, swans and even wild birds have an annual molt. If you keep any of these other species, most of the tips above still apply!

Waterfowl and quail need a heavy protein boost, just like chickens. Most ducks will have two molts a year while geese and swans will have one annual molt. Quail will have one to two molts a year depending on the species.

Ensuring that your waterfowl has plenty of fresh, clean water available to swim in will play an important role in helping their molt along. Your once-very-friendly duck or goose will be irritable during this time. Molt affects them the same as chickens regarding how the feather grows and that it can be painful.

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