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New items added to cultural heritage list


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced a new group of 325 national intangible cultural heritage items on June 10 in Beijing, increasing the list establishe­d in 2006 to 1,557 items.

Judges organized by the ministry selected the new items from 943 nomination­s from around the country falling under 11 categories, which include folklore, traditiona­l music, dance, opera, sports, arts, crafts, medicine, and, a new category, diet.

“One reason for adding the new category this year was that nomination­s concerning traditiona­l diet made up one-sixth of the total, a rather high proportion,” said Wang Chenyang, director of the ministry’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Department.

Traditiona­l diet used to be classified among traditiona­l crafts in the list. However, its judging standards vary considerab­ly from those for other crafts, such as pottery, textile technology or architectu­re, he said.

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