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Ex-deputy energy head expelled from Party


A former deputy head of the National Energy Administra­tion, Liu Baohua, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China and removed from his position for serious violations of Party discipline­s and national laws, the country’s top anti-graft bodies said on Wednesday.

The CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisor­y Commission said Liu tried to obstruct investigat­ions, accepted gifts and money sent by others, failed to report personal matters truthfully, and illegally intervened in the market and economic activities to make money.

Liu also made use of his position to assist others in company operaLiu tions and project undertakin­gs. In return, he accepted huge amounts of property.

His behaviors had seriously violated Party discipline­s and constitute­d a serious violation of official duties. Liu’s alleged crimes and confiscate­d illegal gains will be transferre­d to the procurator­ial organs for examinatio­n and prosecutio­n, the anti-graft bodies said.

Liu, 58, a native of Hebei province, started working in 1984 and joined the Party a year later.

He became head of the administra­tion’s market regulation division in 2013 and was appointed deputy head of the administra­tion in 2017. was put under investigat­ion in October.

A statement issued by the CCDI on Wednesday said five officials at the provincial or ministeria­l level, 715 officials at the prefecture level and 5,000 at the county level were punished by discipline inspection and supervisor­y agencies across China in the first quarter of the year.

A total of 116,000 people received punishment in that period, including 98,000 who faced Party disciplina­ry punishment, the statement said.

It said discipline inspection and supervisor­y authoritie­s nationwide received 837,000 complaints and tips, handled 440,000 pieces of evidence related to violations, and launched investigat­ions into 135,000 cases.

 ??  ?? Liu Baohua
Liu Baohua

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