Civilian : 2019-02-01

Dinah Jane : 119 : 119

Dinah Jane

DINAH JANE “You’ve got to fight for something because if you are not, you are not really at all. It is hard, and I think that’s just you being positive to yourself and keeping yourself sane. You have to keep yourself healthy – mentally. And I think it’s just encouragin­g yourself, reading some quotes that uplift you, uh, positive music, I feel like, every morning, I just wake up, and classical music starts my day off right and lets me know that I’m going to win this day over,” says Dinah Jane Hansen, 21, who’s staying in New York City to attend editorial meetings and 2018’s VMAs at Radio City Music Hall in a few days. It’s a humid, rainy Friday night in mid-August. living “I | 119 CIVILIAN MAGAZINE