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Haley Reinhart : 124 : 124

Haley Reinhart

HALEY REINHART Love Here is what Can do Kevin Chau With songs like “Last Kiss Goodbye,” “Don’t Know How To Love You,” and Vicetone’s “Something Strange,” vocal powerhouse Haley Reinhart might seem like someone that is nothing like the average person: Top 3 on platinum certificat­ion, and a strong social-media following – but under all those countless accolades and achievemen­ts is actually just a vibrant young woman from Chicago that loves to sing and dance. American Idol, 28-year-old Haley Elizabeth Reinhart was born in Wheeling, Illinois, a small suburb of Chicago with a population of about 40,000. Ever since she was a kid, Reinhart has aspired to be a musician. From singing harmonies with her parents to watching them play in their band, she would cry at concerts because she pictured herself up on that stage. She knew what she wanted from a young age, and worked long and hard towards that goal. | 124 CIVILIAN MAGAZINE