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Pierson Fodé : 132 : 132

Pierson Fodé

PIERSON FODÉ Sky’s The the limit Dhanha Bien-Aime Although currently living in Los Angeles, the Emmy-nominated actor Pierson Fodé’s early years are best summed up in Moses Lake, Washington (where his family raised cattle) as this small town prepared him for a world of imaginatio­n and creativity (“I felt connected with the world of film even though I was on a farm”). Inspired by legendary actors such as Denzel Washington and Charlie Chaplin and influenced by movies like and Fodé enjoyed cinema and longed to create his own films. At the age of 13, he founded Pierced Production­s and created his own film content. disconnect­ed Star Wars Rocky, When Fodé turned 18, he moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his dreams upon getting the opportunit­y to shoot an Abercrombi­e & Fitch campaign. Although he was “functional­ly homeless” and struggled to get his career off the ground, slowly but surely, he started getting roles on Nickelodeo­n’s iCarly and Disney Channel’s Jessie, and then landed the significan­t role of Thomas Forrester on CBS drama series The Bold and the Beautiful. | 132 CIVILIAN MAGAZINE