Civilian : 2019-02-01

Agnez Mo : 36 : 36

Agnez Mo

AGNEZ MO Watch out world because Agnez Mo is coming. The singersong­writer and actress from Indonesia has a story to tell and a message she hopes will inspire the world. Her story starts off fairly humbly as Agnes Monica Muljoto was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, to athletic parents. Her parents, Ricky and Jenny, would’ve loved to get her involved in sports but entertainm­ent was more of her thing. They’d bring her along with them to sports complexes but Agnes would end up singing and dancing around the room. Once they got the hint, they enrolled her in after-school programs for singing and dancing. Eventually, the young Agnez Mo entered a talent search competitio­n and her career took off from there. | 36 CIVILIAN MAGAZINE