Civilian : 2019-02-01

Dr. Tom Coburn : 83 : 83

Dr. Tom Coburn

DR. TOM COBURN “What’s important is that we continue the legacy of the founders, which is that we each have freedom not because our government gives us freedom but because we have freedom in our own right. The founders set up a system that would protect that freedom, and out of that freedom, came this great economic engine and this great progress. So, the legacy should be about restoring the legacy of the founders, which is economic freedom. It’s not about me, it’s about the future of our kids and grandkids,” says Dr. Thomas Allen Coburn, 70 – who loves country music that tells stories (of real life with a little bit of a kick) and says what makes him smile is “home” – as he is on a huge mission: to construct a new phase of America for a new age and a new generation. | 83 CIVILIAN MAGAZINE