What’s the Dif­fer­ence Be­tween En­zymes and Pro­bi­otics?

Most peo­ple know that both are pop­u­lar gut helpers, but their knowl­edge stops there. What might sur­prise you is that both nu­tri­ents play very spe­cific – yet rad­i­cally dif­fer­ent – roles.



En­zymes are non­liv­ing protein mol­e­cules that come from liv­ing or­gan­isms and sup­port and speed up chem­i­cal re­ac­tions in the body, namely the break­ing down of macronu­tri­ents protein, carbs and fat, so that you can bet­ter ab­sorb the nu­tri­ents in your food. Pro­teins are bro­ken down into amino acids, fats are bro­ken down into fatty acids and carbs are bro­ken down into fiber and glu­cose. En­zymes help to di­gest big meals and can help soothe oc­ca­sional di­ges­tive symp­toms in those with food al­ler­gies and in­tol­er­ances, such as lac­tose in­tol­er­ance, af­fect­ing many folks.


Pro­bi­otics are liv­ing bac­te­ria that help pop­u­late your gas­troin­testi­nal tract. Your gut con­tains a del­i­cate bal­ance of good and bad bac­te­ria, and when the good bac­te­ria out­weigh the bad and the mi­cro­biome is bal­anced and di­verse with many strains of good bac­te­ria, the im­pact on your im­mune and di­ges­tive sys­tems is ex­tremely pos­i­tive. Ac­cord­ing to a vast body of re­search, the two most pow­er­ful strains of pro­bi­otics are

Bi­fi­dobac­te­ria and Lac­to­bacilli.

What en­zymes and pro­bi­otics have in com­mon:

• Both func­tion in your GI tract.

• Both are heat-in­tol­er­ant (so cook­ing with them is off-lim­its).

• Both sup­port im­mune sys­tem and di­ges­tion.

• Both do won­ders for gut health.

THE UP­SHOT How they dif­fer:

• Pro­bi­otics are liv­ing or­gan­isms and en­zymes are not.

• En­zymes break down your food for max ab­sorp­tion, while pro­bi­otics live, eat and mul­ti­ply to help sup­port a healthy gut.

• En­zymes are found in sup­ple­ments and raw foods and can be made by the body, while pro­bi­otics can only come from raw, fer­mented foods and sup­ple­men­ta­tion. En­zymes ren­der your food and nu­tri­ents more ab­sorbable, mak­ing your food work much harder for your health, while pro­bi­otics pop­u­late and sup­port your GI tract. For your very best health, we rec­om­mend mak­ing room for both in your reg­i­men. Not into tak­ing a ton of pills? We get it. Try Amer­i­can Health’s two-in-one Enzyme Pro­bi­otic Com­plex, an ad­vanced for­mula with 9 ac­tive, nat­u­rally based di­ges­tive en­zymes and 2 bil­lion bioac­tive pro­bi­otic micro­organ­isms^ that de­liv­ers multi-level di­ges­tive and nu­tri­ent ab­sorp­tion ben­e­fits in both the stom­ach (en­zymes) and the in­testi­nal tract (pro­bi­otics).* Visit Amer­i­canHealthUS.com to learn more about this rec­om­mended dou­ble-duty gut helper.

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