Clean Eating


This quintessen­tial summertime dessert gets a healthy makeover in these three recipes that rely on whole-food ingredient­s and natural sweeteners. Our clean ice creams include one traditiona­l and two dairy-free options – no ice-cream maker needed!

- By Taneisha Morris

Three easy DIY ice creams with 6 or fewer ingredient­s each!


The summery combo of fruits in our Tropical Sorbet does triple duty for your daily dose of vitamin C: One cup of sliced mango contains 67% of the reference daily intake (RDI); a cup of pineapple clocks in at an impressive 131%; and strawberri­es are the winner, with an RDI of a whopping 150%! Vitamin C is used in numerous essential bodily processes, such as the formation and maintenanc­e of healthy bones, skin and blood vessels. It’s required for proper wound healing and has potent antioxidan­t properties. The body can’t store this vitamin, so you’ll need to consume C-rich foods (like these!) daily.

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