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Tour the flavors of Asia with Indian, Japanese and Thai chefs, each sharing a cozy curry from their respective cuisine.

From traditiona­l Indian spices to the flavorful aromatics of Thailand to the contempora­ry comfort foods of Japan, we’re covering multiple bases with this trio of curries. Developed with the help of chefs who specialize in the cuisine’s respective regions, all three dishes are brimming with authentic flavor.


Of the three major Thai curries – red, yellow and green – yellow curry is the most popular worldwide, thanks to its milder, sweeter taste. Our veggie variation is by Thai chef Pailin Chongchitn­ant of the megapopula­r YouTube channel “Pailin’s Kitchen.” For a more protein-rich meal, she recommends subbing half the veg for tofu or chicken.

NIHARI (INDIA) Depending on where you are in South Asia, the definition of nihari differs, with varying spices and some debate over how much meat versus how much bone goes into it. But this well-spiced meat-based stew is a warming delicacy found throughout the entirety of the Indian subcontine­nt. In this interpreta­tion, Indian chef Miheer Shete uses braised beef short ribs and an array of spices including deggi mirch powder and biryani masala.

CHICKEN CURRY (JAPAN) When you think of curries, it isn’t usually East Asia that comes to mind. So you may be surprised to learn that this curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Developed by Japanese Canadian food blogger Caroline Caron-Phelps, our version features all the ingredient­s that appear in a standard variation of cozy Japanese curry: butter, apple, chicken, carrots and green peas.

 ??  ?? Thai Yellow Curry with Fall Vegetables
Thai Yellow Curry with Fall Vegetables
 ??  ?? Indian Beef Short Ribs Nihari
Japanese Chicken Curry
Indian Beef Short Ribs Nihari Japanese Chicken Curry

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