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Q/ What’s your secret to making the perfect gravy for Thanksgivi­ng turkey?


A/ My favorite gravy is made with juices left in the pan after roasting the turkey. These add the rich flavors that create a great gravy base. My gravy has four secret elements that enrich the juicy, roasted flavor of turkey: caramelize­d onions, roasted garlic, fresh thyme and lemon. After skimming off the fat and leaving the rich broth juices, whisk in some caramelize­d onions, roasted garlic cloves and thyme. Simmer for a few minutes and sparingly add lemon, to taste. At the end, I whisk in a slurry of one teaspoon arrowroot starch and two teaspoons water in two batches, bringing the gravy to a boil each time to gauge thickness. For thicker gravy, add more slurry. I prefer a lighter consistenc­y. My gravy turns out so delicious, I’ve made and remade the recipe on Thanksgivi­ng Day many times — it runs out quickly!


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