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Caroline Caron-Phelps


Brooklyn-based Japanese Canadian chef and food blogger Caroline Caron-Phelps specialize­s in Asian cuisine – particular­ly Japanese recipes. While some of her creations (such as this one) feature chicken, she is now focusing on creating a library of vegan dishes, coming soon to her blog, pickledplu­

CLEAN EATING: What makes Japanese cuisine unique?

CAROLINE CARON-PHELPS: Every dish is made with a lot of thought and attention to detail. A sushi chef will spend his life improving his sushi rice and sweet rolled egg. A cafe owner will spend hours brewing the perfect cup of coffee and trying to come up with the absolute best egg salad sandwich. You’ll never find an old wilted piece of lettuce in your sandwich. This unending mission towards perfection is why I love Japanese food so much.

CE: What makes Japanese curry so different from other curries?

CCP: I like to call it “curry for kids.” It’s sweet and not spicy at all – more like a demi-glace. The sauce can sometimes include a grated apple (which I love). CE: What are your top tips for building an authentica­lly Japanese curry?

CCP: At all times, I have boxes of premade Japanese curry roux in my pantry.

If you don’t, you can make a decent Japanese curry combining curry powder, garam masala, tomato paste, soy sauce, butter, an apple and some red wine or a little demi-glace sauce.

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